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SunRidge School Governance

Description of Organizational Roles and Positions

Twin Hills Board of Trustees: Legal governing body for the school; sets policies, approves calendars, hiring, handles payroll, accounting, insurance, etc.

Charter Council: SunRidge governing body serving as delegate body of the Twin Hills Board for purposes of overseeing the operations of SunRidge School. Develops and recommends school policies, programs, budget, calendars, etc. Evaluates School Director. Includes 3 faculty, 3 parents, and 1 non-parent community member. Director is non-voting member.

Director: Responsible for the daily operations and management of the school, hiring, supervision and evaluation of all staff, budget development and implementation, educational program, site needs, enrollment, coordination/leadership, etc.

Faculty: Responsible for the delivery of the educational program; works collaboratively with the Director and Education Director in developing, evaluating, and implementing school procedures, plans, and programs. Three representatives serve on the Charter Council.

Class Teacher: Responsible for the education of each child in his/her class in multiple subject areas. The class teacher is also responsible for communicating directly when a child’s parents.

Specialty Instructor: Responsible for the education of each child in his/her class in their specific specialty (woodwork, handwork, math/science, games etc.).

Instructional Assistant: Responsible for the education of each child under the supervision/guidance of the class teacher.

Parent Council: Parent representatives from each class support a thriving school community through committees and workgroups set up to support school activities, fundraising, parent education, and community forums.

Coordinating Committee: Group comprised of the Director, a Faculty member, the Parent Council Chairperson, a Charter Council member, and a Foundation member that meets as needed to ensure that school-wide activities are well planned, coordinated, and successfully implemented.

SunRidge Educational Foundation: Not-for-profit corporation that exists to support SunRidge School through serving as fiscal agent for fundraising, and fund development through grant writing and donor campaigns.

SunRidge Charter Council

The SunRidge Charter Council acts in an advisory capacity for the school to the Twin Hills School Board and the SunRidge Director, and serves as a delegate body of the THUSD to set school policies, plans, procedures, and priorities as outlined in its charter or in annual contracts or memoranda of understanding.

To contact the chairperson of the Charter Council for more information:

Charter Document
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