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Currently, there are no school closures.


The impetus for SunRidge Charter School began with a small group of parents who wanted a Waldorf-based education made available to families regardless of their income level. These parents approached the Twin Hills Union School District with a proposal to start a Waldorf methods charter school in early 2002. The Superintendent of the district was fully supportive and the timing was opportune: a school site just down the street from the district offices was to be vacated that summer (see photo to the left).

The work of writing the charter began quickly, as was the enlisting of support from the School Board of Trustees, district teachers, and the securing of necessary signatures on petitions of support from potential families. On May 1, 2002 the charter was approved unanimously by the School Board, and on June 27, 2002 SunRidge School was officially approved as the 481st charter in the state of California.

Through a combination of dedication, hard work, and dogged determination, a growing group of volunteers quickly laid the groundwork for the opening of the school. Funds were raised, teachers and administrative staff were hired, enrollment procedures were developed and implemented, the school site was secured and prepared. Community interest and support for the school was quick and strong. Applications exceeded available spaces in most classes and SunRidge opened its doors on September 1, 2002 with almost 180 students in two kindergartens and grades one through seven.


Eleven years later...
In 2012, SunRidge moved to its current site of 10 acres and serves approximately 275 students on one campus, which includes a K-5 HomeSchool Program. In our seat-based program, kindergartens are nurturing home-like environments where your child's heart, mind, and spirit are tended with loving care. In the middle school grades, our rigorous academic program emphasizes integrated experiential learning. Students in grades 6-8 also enjoy after-school sports, challenge courses, community service activities, and the opportunity to be buddy/mentors to younger students.

We foster a strong sense of community through seasonal festivals, parent evenings, special events, and a wide range of volunteer opportunities. By focusing on the importance of relationships, our small, personalized school enables every child to be lovingly held and valued, and for each class, and the school as a whole, to feel like an extended family.

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